How To Know Which Is The Best Camera For You

How To Know Which Is The Best Camera For You
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How To Know Which Is The Best Camera For You

Today’s generation heavily invests on achieving the best photographs, and their reason for doing so has evolved over time. Gone are the days when cameras were merely used to capture life’s important milestones. In modern times, it also parallels as a tool to create art. Whatever one’s motive is for dedicating much effort on their photographs, we can all agree that choosing the best camera from the market today can rather be overwhelming.

Cameras come in different shapes and sizes, with new features and updates released every few months. The main question is: How will you know which model works best for you? In today’s article, NU Photo gives a rundown of the various types of contemporary cameras to assist confused buyers in selecting the product that will best match their specific needs even in the long run.


Point-and-shoot cameras are primarily characterized by non-interchangeable lenses. They are easy to operate, compact, and budget-priced, though have smaller sensors and result to lower-quality images compared to high-end cameras.

Some point-and-shoot cameras have additional features such as long retractable lenses, and ISO & exposure manual controls.

While its selling point is its portability, it has also diminished in demand over time because of its analogous performance to the latest phone cameras. However, point-and-shoot cameras function better in low light conditions and can save your phone’s storage and battery life.

If you’re not too particular with camera settings, point-and-shoot cameras are your best choice.


Mirrorless cameras are interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) which are not comprised of reflex mirrors, hence the name. Instead, its sensor is permanently exposed to light which in turn previews the image on a digital display system or an electronic viewfinder.

They are notably costlier than point-and-shoots yet quieter and lighter than DSLRs. When it comes to performance, most mirrorless cameras could not read focal lengths as well as DSLRs, though some models are being developed with full frame sensors.

Moreover, this camera format is arguably the most optimal for video shooting since it works in live view mode all the time.

With a fairly compact body that barely compromises quality results, this mid-tier design is perfect for hobbyists and amateur photographers.


Digital single-lens reflex cameras or DSLRs offer the best image quality among the three categories. It operates in faster speeds, works great in auto focus mode, and provides a lower light noise performance.

Additionally, DSLRs makes use of an optical viewfinder which minimizes pixelation and saves more battery in comparison with power-consuming LCDs embedded in mirrorless cameras.

Because it contains a mirror and prism inside its body, DSLRs are apparently bulkier than its smaller counterparts. Nevertheless, its biggest downside is still its roof-high price, though some professional mirrorless and point-and-shoots are at par with certain consumer-level DSLRs in terms of cost.

If you are serious in pursuing photography as a business or as a career, then a DSLR would be your most ideal option.

In purchasing a new camera, keep in mind that what you pay for is what you get. Still and all, the best way to determine the best camera to buy is to identify your purpose and to understand how each type could affect your desired outcome.

So, which camera do you think would best suit your requirements? You be the judge.

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