What Are The Must-Have Equipment For Your Camera

What Are The Must-Have Equipment For Your Camera
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What Are The Must-Have Equipment For Your Camera

A beginner’s preparation for his photography pursuit does not stop in selecting the right camera. For someone to successfully reflect an image he has in mind, he must invest on extra tools to execute such outcome. While it is unnecessary to buy the entire range of accessories in camera shops, there are certainly some gears that should not be missing in every photographer’s bag.

Trying to figure out which accessories to include in your camera system? Check out our comprehensive guide below to find out which items should be added to your line-up.


Tripods help maintain the sharpness and definition of images by keeping the camera steady at any angle. They work best in capturing time-lapses, landscapes, low-light photos, and other still shots.

Your tripod must be able to narrow down as close to the ground and extend its legs up to eye-level. This will allow you to experiment on different focal lengths. More importantly, it must be sturdy enough to support the weight of your camera. You would not want your DSLR to earn scratches and damages from falling off a stand.


Gimbal stabilizers allow users to take motion-packed footages and photographs while preventing unwanted camera movement. They are good in removing blurs and shakes and producing smooth gliding shots.

Although motorized gimbals are available for bigger camera models, handheld gimbals have increased in popularity as they work best for smartphone cameras. Most of the latest gimbal releases come with built-in mics.

Lens Filter

Filters have the ability to control the amount of light that enters through the camera lens. They are particularly helpful with outdoor images as they can reduce brightness, colour intensity, reflection, and glare.

Several filters have become obsolete as most of them can now be applied digitally. Nevertheless, professional photographers use them for long exposure shots.

Remote Release

When shooting in slow shutter speeds, even the slightest movement from your device can cause the image to blur. With a remote shutter release, you would not need to touch your camera to take a snap.

Remote releases come in cable and wireless types. Wireless releases are portable and work in longer ranges, while cable releases can be operated from the front, side, or behind the camera. Some models also serve as bulb timers which let you take photos under prolonged exposure intervals.

Battery Pack and Charger

Carrying back-up batteries and a charger with you every time will save you the cost of not capturing any photos at all. You’ll never know when your battery will lose its power and in rare cases, just decides to stop.

Furthermore, batteries become weaker in colder environments. They would not be able to take as many shots over time, so it’s ideal to stash additional power units inside your camera bag.

Extra Memory Cards

In certain situations, you just have to keep on clicking the shutter or else you’ll miss your chance on a good shot. By preparing extra memory cards, you would not have to review all your photos while in action to make space for new ones.

Some photographers opt to bring at least two cards that can handle large capacities (32 GB) so they would seldom have to switch their cards; therefore reducing the risk of misplacing one. Others prefer buying a larger number of smaller-sized storage cards so as not to lose thousands of photos in case one corrupts.

Mastering the art of photography takes time, but having the essential equipment in your arsenal may potentially give you a headstart.

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